Love for the Freedom Plan Book

Natalie is a master of reinvention, and this book is her masterpiece. Anyone who wants more freedom should read it!

Chris Guillebeau, Author of Side Hustle and The $100 Startup

There’s nobody I’ve learned more from about how to lead a freedom-based business (and life) than Natalie Sisson. Through her mix of expert advice, fascinating research, personal and client success stories, freedom-infused activities, and robust resources, in Natalie's The Freedom Plan you’ll develop your own vision for freedom and learn practical and effective ways to align (and monetize!) work you love with the life you want (and are entitled!) to lead.

​— Alexia Vernon, Speaker and Author of Step into Your Moxie at

Natalie is setting the world ON FIRE one freedom lover at a time. I've been able to find freedom by building a team to support my efforts and spread my message to the world. In The Freedom Plan, Natalie breaks down how to find, hire and build YOUR Global Dream Team, like I've built mine. If you love freedom, you'll LOVE this book!

​— John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneurs on Fire |

Freedom is my number one value, so of course, I jumped on Natalie's book! Natalie is such a leader in helping us find ease and abundance in our businesses without the old-skool burn out that so many entrepreneurs face. Here's to less work and more money!

​— Denise Duffield-Thomas, Author Chillpreneur and Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

Simply put, Natalie Sisson helps entrepreneurs live the life they've imagined. Packed with wisdom and useful systems to free up your time and help you focus on your passions, The Freedom Plan is a powerful way forward.

— Dorie Clark, Adjunct Professor at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and Author, Entrepreneurial You and Reinventing You

If you are unhappy with the ‘conventional’ way of earning and income, The Freedom Plan offers a modern and practical pathway to do things differently. From mindset changes through to becoming an expert then earning money from your business, Natalie has you covered.

​— James Schramko, Founder of SuperFastBusiness and author of bestseller: Work Less, Make More.

If you feel you want more freedom in how you work but aren't sure how to make that happen from where you are now - read this book. It's a rare book that combines smart business thinking while also placing the biggest asset in your business (aka you) at the centre of it all.

​— Marianne Cantwell, Author of Be a Free Range Human

Natalie Sisson not only KNOWS all about freedom (I always look at her slightly green with envy) but she also knows how to teach YOU about it. For Natalie, the word "impossible" isn't in her vocabulary. If you want a structured plan to live a life on your terms, then this is it.

​— Matthew Kimberley, Author of How to Get A Grip, Coach, Speaker at

Natalie's eye-opening book reveals how anyone can achieve greater levels of financial and time freedom in their business.

— Selena Soo, Creator of Impacting Millions

The Freedom Plan is a comprehensive guide for any business owner who wants liberation from daily demands and more freedom. Natalie helps you create the right vision, systems, and team for you and your business, and she shares what works and what to watch out for. Each chapter walks you through practical steps to your version of freedom, and through Natalie's experience you'll find the shortcut to your own happiness. I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels stuck and wants to scale without burning out or giving up their freedom.

​— Nathalie Lussier, Founder

There are two people that come to my mind as the ultimate freedom entrepreneur - Richard Branson and Natalie Sisson. Before I had the courage to start my own business Natalie inspired me with her blog to believe that building a freedom business is possible for anyone. In her book The Freedom Plan, she lays out the exact steps on how to scale your business to the point where you can actually enjoy the freedom of being a business owner and live your dream life.

​— Sigrun Gudjonsdottir, Business Strategist, Mastermind Coach, TEDx Speaker

I've know Natalie for several years and have always admired how fully she lives her freedom lifestyle. This book is your chance to learn from someone who has walked the walk. Natalie gives you all the steps, tools, and mindset shifts you need to make your freedom lifestyle a reality starting today. Don't wait until 'someday later' to finally enjoy your ideal flavor of freedom. Read this book and put it into action today.

​— Jason Van Orden, Business Strategist to Thought Leaders

Starting a business that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world (even home) is about more than just travel. You also have the opportunity to take control of the most valuable asset of all...your time. That means more spent with loved ones and doing work that is meaningful to you. On top of that, unlike traditional jobs, your income potential has no limit.

One BIG problem though...starting any type of business is NOT easy! But it is 100% possible with the right guidance. This book is your opportunity to learn from someone who has done it AND has helped thousands of others combine their ideal lifestyle with their work. If you're ready to get serious about making the "work from anywhere" lifestyle happen for yourself, here's your chance.

​— Jason Moore, and Cofounder of Location Indie

As one of the O.G. digital nomads in my space, Natalie ditches the fluff and gets straight to the point in Freedom Plan. It's literally a manual for creating not just a business but a freeing LIFESTYLE that I wish I had when I started my own online business years ago. If you're looking for the big-picture view of how to have it all, read this book.

​— Elise Darma, Online Business Educator at

The concrete ideas and exercises in this book will give you the specific ACTIONS to take to begin building more freedom in your life. Natalie — and her impressive case studies in the book — will inspire you to step back and take a serious look at what you really want your life to be.

​— Nick Loper, Founder of

I am LOVING this book! I started using some of the questions to spark a discussion with my husband. It was eye opening to see 1) how just a few immediate tweaks will get me so close to my ideal day 2) where I have been dragging my feet and how fear has gotten in the way of experiencing deeper freedom right now. A few chapters in, I had revamped and reprioritized my schedule, and committed to finally hiring the next level of support I need in my business. The world needs this book. If you want more freedom, fulfillment, and success, read it, study it, make lots of notes and then actually do it. The information in its pages is invaluable and is worth thousands. Much more when you actually implement it.

​— Mandi Ellefson, Scalable Service Growth Strategist

For over a decade our collective imagination has been captivated by the romantic idea that we might break the shackles of ordinary life and craft a life of freedom and fulfillment. But how to do it? How to go beyond imagination and inspiration into action, and transformation? I've watched many of my peers muddle their way through it, making expensive and painful mistakes along the way - as I have as well. Not that it wasn't worth it - but it was definitely harder than it needed to be. But no longer. Now, finding your feet on your own freedom plan is as simple as reading Natalie's book, and following her instructions. So what are you waiting for?

​— Danny Iny, Founder/CEO at Mirasee, and author of Leveraged Learning

Launching a business is often touted as the antidote to the long hours, endless stress, and monotony of a corporate job. But as Natalie Sisson explains, without the right strategy, those challenges can follow you into entrepreneurship. The Freedom Plan walks you through an insightful framework to help you build a business that compliments your strengths, fits your lifestyle, and accomplishes your goals.

​— Ron Friedman, Ph.D., author of The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace

The world needs this message and Natalie is THE best person to deliver it. She doesn't use theory, she gives real world advice based on her own experiences. There has never been a better time to achieve true FREEDOM and Natalie has produced a field manual to do it.

​— James Kemp, Founder of Authority Architecture

I have watched Natalie reinvent herself over the years, and use freedom as the filter for major decisions she has made in her business and her life. Seeing her do things her way, on her terms, inspired me to change the way I work, which has brought me an abundance of joy. The Freedom Plan will help you crush self-imposed limitations, set up structures that support you in thriving, and create the dream life you had in mind when you started your business.

— natalie macneil, founder of

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