Natalie Sisson's
One Page Miracle Biz Plan

Is your business not bringing you the success and  profit you know it should?

Or is it
time to scale and earn what you deserve by taking it to the next level?

With my One Page 'Miracle' Business Plan Template you'll be able to clearly identify your key goals, set clear objectives and map out your revenue streams to make this a reality!

If you're ready to finally kick your business into full gear, creating a business strategy that takes your lifestyle and specific business model into account, then the One Page Miracle Biz Plan is for you!

It's Time To Get Down To Business!

Creating your Business Plan doesn't need to be overwhelming, confusing, or time-consuming. But it IS crucial to the success of your business. And that's why I've created the One Page 'Miracle' Business Plan Template. It will help you identify what you want in YOUR life and business and map out the actions you need to take to achieve it. 

I’m Natalie Sisson, proud Freedomist, Founder of the Freedom Plan Accelerator, Suitcase Entrepreneur and Life Pilot and a No#1 Bestselling Author and TEDx speaker.

I’ve been featured alongside Tim Ferriss on 60 Minutes, and been named one of Huffington Post’s 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017, as well as been featured in over 100 media sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Guardian, Daily Mail and Sydney Herald.

For the last decade I’ve been running my online businesses from all over the world, using a laptop and a wifi connection, while traveling to 70 countries and actually living out of my suitcase for 6 of those years full-time.

I’ve taught thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, just like you, how to design their own freedom plan, and thousands more people through my online education business, coaching programs, retreats and workshops and run multiple six figure launches of online courses and experiences.

Natalie Sisson - Freedomist

"I really enjoyed your workshop. It was very helpful"

“I really enjoyed your workshop. It was very helpful. One of my biggest takeaways was something you mentioned in passing at the beginning: harmony not balance. I’ve been reflecting on that the last several days and so far it seems to be a really huge shift for me! I’m excited to bring that with me into 2018! Thanks again.”

Katie Milton, CEO, Katie Milton Coaching

"This was a great learn-by-doing opportunity"

“I’m really good at planning, and detail-obsessed but your hands-on workshop gave me a behind the scenes look into exactly how a successful entrepreneur (like you Natalie) plans their year and allowed me to tweak my method to get even more out of my planning. I also loved that we got to experience the pomodoro method in that there were breaks every 20 minutes or so to have us actually implement. This was a great learn-by-doing opportunity. The main takeaway was to plan my dream year, not what I thought was possible, but to set my goals and dreams first and then fill in with practical bits. This may seem obvious but it really clarified it for me watching Natalie walk us through it. I have immediately started writing daily Most Important Actions (MIAs) and put it on a post-it on my computer screen. I constantly catch myself going back to it to stay on top of what matters most.”

Vanessa Shaw, Founder at Human Side of Tech

"It was so worth it"

"I signed up to Natalie's 2018 planning workshop wanting to understand how a fellow entrepreneur plans out her year. It was so worth it, Natalie's process is easy to follow and detailed enough that you don't miss out anything. Most importantly you put freedom first, yay! Highly recommended"

Rich, CEO, Yoga Mat Co.