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Natalie is a master of reinvention, and this book is her masterpiece. Anyone who wants more freedom should read it!

Chris Guillebeau  //  
Author of Side Hustle and The $100 Startup

Freedom is my number 1 value, so of course, I jumped on Natalie's book! Natalie is such a leader in helping us find ease and abundance in our businesses without the old-skool burn out that so many entrepreneurs face. Here's to less work and more money!

Denise Duffield-Thomas  //  Author Chillpreneur and Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

Simply put, Natalie Sisson helps entrepreneurs live the life they've imagined. 

Packed with wisdom and useful systems to free up your time and help you focus on your passions, The Freedom Plan is a powerful way forward.

Dorie Clark  //  adjunct professor at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and author, Entrepreneurial You and Reinventing You

Natalie gives you all the steps, tools, and mindset shifts you need to make your freedom lifestyle a reality starting today. Don't wait until 'someday later' to finally enjoy your ideal flavor of freedom. Read this book and put it into action today.

Jason Van Orden  //

If you feel you want more freedom in how you work but aren't sure how to make that happen from where you are now - read this book. It's a rare book that combines smart business thinking while also placing the biggest asset in your business (aka you) at the centre of it all.

Marianne Cantwell  //  
Author of Be a Free Range Human

Natalie is setting the world ON FIRE one freedom lover at a time. I've been able to find freedom by building a team to support my efforts and spread my message to the world. In The Freedom Plan, Natalie breaks down how to find, hire and build YOUR Global Dream Team, like I've built mine. If you love freedom, you'll LOVE this book!

John Lee Dumas  //  
Entrepreneurs on Fire |

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