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Go From Busy and Overwhelmed to Effortless 
and Abundant In Business and Life. 

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Did you know that you have the ability to choose and design exactly how you want to live and work?

You can show up in the world and serve others, while feeling on purpose, and achieve whatever you dare to dream of.

Yet the truth is, if you're an entrepreneur, research shows that you're working 63% more hours than the average employee,

Entrepreneurs work  63% more hours than the average employee.

(They are also 62% more stressed and 70% more likely to be depressed!)

I bet when you first started your business you dreamed of making a dent in the world, having an impact, helping others, leaving a legacy and having more freedom.

You envisioned calling the shots and working anytime you wanted from anywhere.

But, somewhere along the way, your business hasn’t given you the lifestyle you deserve, and now you likely feel trapped in a business that is essentially a job, also known as the 'trading time for dollars' business model.

You are stressed out, overwhelmed and always ‘busy’, but never making real progress, and even though you love what you're doing, you're working so hard that you don't have time for your friends, family or to even enjoy life to the full.

Well it doesn't have to be this way.

Let me paint you a new picture of your Freedom Plan

It may not seem possible, but I want you to sit back right now and imagine waking up energized and feeling ‘on purpose’.  

You know how you're going to spend your precious time, and after a 15 minute planning session, you get to work knowing exactly what your top three priorities are for the day, and what results you'll get from completing them.

Even better you know that your working day is a focused 3-4 hours, not over 8,  because you designed it that way. You feel in flow, balanced and like you're the luckiest person on earth.

At 2pm you know you're taking a well earned break to go for a hike in the forest, to catch up with your girlfriends for a delicious latte at your fave local cafe, with live music and a view over the lake.

You know that all the while you're relaxing and enjoying life in the present, your business is running smoothly in the background, thanks to your well-oiled sales funnels, systems and team.

You're a true Freedomist. You've redesigned your business to fit around your lifestyle. To be profitable and purposeful, but not a pain in the ass that demands everything from you, day in and day out. 

You've chosen to be both accomplished in business and successful in life. 

If your definition of freedom is not meeting your reality, I invite you to join the Freedom Plan Accelerator.

The Freedom Plan Accelerator

The Freedom Plan Accelerator is built on the 3 key pillars of my Freedom Framework: Mindset Freedom, Business Freedom and Lifestyle Freedom.

It's designed to take you from being a busy, overwhelmed entrepreneur to a Bonafide Freedomist with purpose, profits and a Freedom Plan!

It's a new way of working and living that starts with shifting your mind, then redesigning your business to give you your ideal lifestyle. 

This is not a course on how to start your business, this is for entrepreneurs and freelancers who know there's a better way to earn money and make an impact, while truly living in the present moment.

Whether you're just starting out, and want to design your business to last, or you're five years in and wishing things would get easier, we will use my framework to get you to where you need to be!

This is a no BS course. You'll get the high-level big picture, then we will drill down into the super practical and tactical. You'll get my templates, swipe files and SOPs.

You'll also get the truth, motivation and impetus you need to take action. Because let's face it, there's no point in waiting for things to get easier. 

You need to turn up, with intent and focus, and make your dream life and business a reality.

That's exactly what I did in 2013, when I was near burnout and realized things couldn't go on like this.

I've tested and proved my framework on myself and hundreds of others, like there's no tomorrow, and now I present it to you in The Freedom Plan Accelerator.

In less than 3 hours you can go through my entire online training 'experience' and start making BIG changes to how you think, work and live. 

I live and breathe my own freedom plan which has led to 20 hour work weeks, 3 month sabbaticals and residual recurring revenue while I sleep.

All of this is not a pipe dream, it's not fancy marketing speak or something only others can achieve.

It's REAL LIFE! It's what happens when you get real about what you truly desire out of life, then design your business to make it so.

Each of the 6 modules are designed to show you how to achieve more time, money and freedom.

The bottom line is that you're going to come out the other end with a redesigned way of working and fresh take on how to live your best life. 

One that aligns with your values, your entrepreneurial personality and strengths, and your desires.

Here's what's included:

Module 1: Mastering Your Freedom Mindset

You'll learn how to envision your perfect life and become the person you need to enjoy your new reality, by changing your beliefs & disrupting your patterns to live your ideal life.

  • How to transform your mindset to one that lets you be and achieve what you really want.
  • Sisson SMILE formula and how this will get you reimagining your future self.
  • Perfect Day visualization exercise and how to use it to get powerful results in your everyday life.
  • Top strategies to cultivate a freedom mindset and myth-busters to set you straight!

Module 2: Your 1 Page 'Miracle' Biz + Profit Plan

You'll learn how to create your unique path to financial freedom, with regular recurring revenue and real profits 

  • Step by Step walk through of how to use the 1-Page Business Plan.
  • How to spot where you can generate future streams with what you already have.
  • Real life examples of leveraging your assets to create more revenue.
  • Getting a handle on your financial numbers and tracking what matters.
  • How to do an asset audit and discover what you can monetize right now.
  • The exact path I took to leverage free content and turn it into over $500K worth of revenue.

Module 3: Building a Lucrative Sales Funnel for Scaleable + Repeatable Revenue 

You'll learn how to set up a simple yet effective sales funnel that brings in more leads and consistent recurring revenue.

  • What a sales funnel is and why you absolutely need one.
  • The Proven Method for Building a Sales Funnel.
  • Behind the scenes of my ‘Starting Out’ Sales Funnel and my new and improved sales funnel.
  • Squeezing your funnel further for more profits with less work.
  • Example of a lucrative sales funnel in action.
  • Sales Funnel Template for you to swipe and use straight away.
  • How to set up your sales funnel using Click Funnels, ConvertKit and Teachable!

Module 4: The Art of Delegating and Hiring Your Dream Team

You'll learn how to work on the stuff you love and outsource the rest so you can enjoy your time, money and freedom, even on a budget.

  • 3 main reasons we don’t hire and how I started.
  • Four lists to freedom and how to figure out what to delegate first.
  • 5 Tips for Making the Hire.
  • The 5 key roles to hire for to grow your business.
  • How to use Upwork to make a hire in 30 minutes or less (onscreen demo)!
  • The best tools to use to manage your team
  • Your org chart and how to fire yourself.
  • SOPS and why they will be your saviour.
  • The Operations Manual of awesome.
  • How to build your team around your vision.

Module 5: The Exact Systems and Tools You Need to Automate Your Business to Run Without You.

Redesign your business to run without you so you can remove yourself from it, or even fire yourself as CEO!

You’ll learn:

  • Top 10 tools I use to run my business.
  • A step by step walk through of each amazing tool and how to use them right away.
  • How to redesign your business to run without you so you can remove yourself from it.
  • How to use my Content Marketing Editorial Calendar template to streamline your efforts and plan ahead.

Module 6: Optimize Your Life to Become Your Most Productive, Energetic and Best Version of You.

You'll learn how to understand how to best use every minute of your day for more joy, energy and freedom.

  • The power of a daily morning routine to maximize your energy and motivation.
  • The exact systems and tools you need to automate your personal life so you can focus on what you love.
  • The exact systems and tools you need to automate your personal life so you can focus on what you love.
  • Practical ways to outsource your life admin.
  • High Performance Habits to to act on daily.

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  • 6 Amazing Modules - Video Lessons, Audios, Transcripts and Templates (value $1,000)
  • Access to Tools and Resources Directory to save you time and money (value $50)
  • Weekly email prompts and support on your Freedom Plan journey (value $100)
  • Bonus #1. 90 Minute Entrepreneurial Superpower Masterclass (value $197)
  • Bonus #2. Life Pilot System to Turn Your Dreams into Reality (value $99)

Proof this program works from happy customers

This program was life changing for me."

It contained practical, step-by-step assignments that had me first exploring myself and who I really wanted to be, rather than who I thought I wanted to be and then practical exercises that helped me move towards the right path for my life. My plan went from lofty ambition to a solid foundation.  I went from what I thought would make me money to where my dreams and passions really were. Thanks to this program and Natalie’s kind, generous and wise guidance I was able to  set off forging my own path to freedom.

  Amanda Workman,

“The Freedom Plan provided me with a mechanism to find a way out of working 60-70 hours". I had been in a rut for many years, with a huge amount of travel and no joy and squeezing friends and family into what’s left. Since taking the program I’ve had the confidence to go for it, to follow and commit to my passion to build a life I don’t need a vacation from.

The Freedom Plan helped me get a laser focus on who my perfect client is (and isn’t) and how to develop personal mechanisms to give my clients the best service alongside having an awesome life. This is not just a one hit wonder program, this is a life changing program with ongoing access, support and inspiration.“

  Anna Scothern, Empowering Business Leaders,

Before I joined the Freedom Plan I felt very overwhelmed." 
I wasn't really sure who my ideal customers were or where my business was going. I wasn't really looking for anything as I didn't even know what to look for, but I certainly needed help.

Joining the Freedom Plan has been one of the best decisions I made which lead me to have more clarity in my business, going from barely any clients to being booked in advance, and many doors have opened ever since that would have never been possible. 

  Kasia Zukowska, WordPress Consultant & Web Designer,

"I started my online business because I wanted to spend part of my time in Canada and in Australia -thanks to the Freedom Plan I've managed to live in over 20 countries around the world while running my biz!"

- Karen Wojciechowski,

"Since I've done the Freedom Plan I've written a book and I travel around the world getting paid to speak - and that all came from my 1 Page Business Plan in the Freedom Plan!"

- Dave Greenberg,

"From the time I signed up for The Freedom Plan, it took me exactly three months to go from having no business, no website, no clients, not even a business idea to signing my first client in my perfect niche.

- Amy Mitchell,

Plus When You Enrol You'll Get These Bonuses

BONUS #1. 90 Minute Entrepreneurial Superpower Masterclass 
(valued at $197)

In this 90 Minute Masterclass with myself and Osmaan Sharif, Performance Coach and Wealth Dynamics Consultant.

You'll learn:

>> What motivates you and what lights you up, so that you can redesign your business and career to be doing more of those things, and delegating the rest.

>> Exactly what you SHOULD be working on to make you feel in a peak state

>> What work sucks your energy and makes you less motivated and which activities or work you should NOT be doing on a daily basis

BONUS #2. Life Pilot - a System To Turn Your Dreams into Reality 
(valued at $99)

This is a tool and methodology that you can implement right away to get really clear on your goals + intentions.

You’ll learn how to:

>> Feel more in control of your life, less overwhelmed and more focused.

>> Plan your day, week and month for maximum productivity.

>>Create your 3 year vision in the Life Canvas template.

>>Set realistic goals that make your 3 year vision totally doable 

>> Use the Life Pilot Rhythms and weekly checkins to get you in flow to prioritize what's important.

>> Use the Life Pilot tool to work on your 3 most important things and get more of the right things done.

I'm Natalie Sisson. Your Fellow Freedomist. 

I'm obsessed with designing and running a business that doesn't require you to work in it, and effortlessly creates consistent recurring income, month on month.

I believe (and have proven) you can have a profitable online business that gives you purpose, freedom and the lifestyle you deserve. 

In 2008, after eight years in the corporate world, I left my high-paying job that was sucking the life out of my soul and creativity, to co-found a technology company in Vancouver, Canada.

I then founded The Suitcase Entrepreneur, a content and education business that I could run from just a laptop and my smartphone.

Today my businesses give me the financial freedom to be an investor, donate generously to causes I believe in, and live in beautiful New Zealand on our amazing lifestyle property, with our two gorgeous pups, enjoying an idyllic way of life.

That's because I've set up systems, automations, a fine-tuned sales funnel and a virtual team to make sure I can do the work I love and work 'on' the business, without getting stuck 'in' the day to day admin and operations.

I've become a bestselling author, a sought-after speaker, having spoken at TEDx, Problogger, FinCon, Social Media Marketing World, SociaLight, and more, and the Huffington Post named me one of 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017.

To date I’ve coached hundreds of Freedomists to create a freedom lifestyle business on their own terms through my programs, international retreats, workshops and masterminds in Bali, Portugal, Spain, Australia, United States, Canada and New Zealand.

And there's one thing I know to be true....

The Freedom Plan has been designed to be
the only road map you’ll ever need

It’s been lovingly crafted so you can create and implement everything you learn into your ideal freedom business!

A business that lights you up, doesn’t demand all your time, and works for you even when you’re taking time off to do what you want. 

A business you can walk away from because you know it’s got your back - everything is in place - your sales funnel, team, systems and offerings consistently deliver you revenue even when you’re on the beach or having an afternoon nap.


The thing is, without this map you’ll be lost, you’ll focus on the wrong things and get overwhelmed with the day to day busy-ness of your business.


I don’t want that to happen to you.


I believe that people can accomplish the most when they are free to be who they are and work the way they want to.

That's why I don’t dictate how to use my Freedom Plan framework. Instead I encourage you use the tools and methods that work for you.

I simply guide you on your journey to freedom through my 3 phase framework.

When you know, that you have the ability to choose and design exactly how you want to live and work, how you to show up in the world and serve others, while feeling on purpose, then you can achieve whatever you dare to dream of.

No more excuses.

No more “some day.”

You do have time.

You do have a choice.

You do have the right to choose  freedom.

If your definition of freedom is not meeting your reality, I invite you apply my 3-Stage Freedom Framework to your mindset, business and lifestyle through my  Freedom Plan Accelerator.

More proof from happy customers

"This program helped me consider how to earn multiple income streams and how I really wanted my business to be designed. I loved the Bonus of the Life Pilot System and within it, the Life Canvas tool has helped me broaden my thinking and vision.

- Karen Green, 

"I got so much out of The Freedom Plan. In amongst many areas, Natalie showed me how to use outsourcing to make my business run more smoothly and without me."

- John Young, 

"The Freedom Plan took me from an idea to launching my first sales funnel that really works. This course gave me a really good push to see that I could really launch and run my own business from anywhere."

- Sif Traustadottir, 

Join Today and receive a total value of $1,446 

For just US$397 $298.50

OR 4 x $177 $83.50 monthly payments 


I’ve helped hundreds of people literally change their lives since I launched The Freedom Plan™ in 2014, however if you are not absolutely thrilled with the wealth of life-changing information or your progress through The Freedom Plan Accelerator, I will refund every penny of your investment! All you have to do is email me within the first 30 days of starting the program, and I’ll gladly give you your money back.

What’s more, by investing in you today,
you’re also investing in others!

I will be donating 10% of profits to charity through the Freedom Fund to help those in the world who don't have the right to freedom.

This is a fund I set up in July 2018 especially for this purpose. The fund is hosted by a registered donor advised fund called the Gift Trust and I personally contribute a portion of my profits to it every month.

So while you are investing in your own freedom, you will also be supporting people who can really do with our help.  How cool is that?

Got questions? I got answers!

When does this Accelerator start and can I join at anytime?

How much time do I need to commit during the Accelerator?

If I'm a stay at home parent, is this training relevant to me?

I have an established business and it isn’t internet based, but I would like to get more strategies on how to operate smarter and in line with my desired lifestyle goals. Is this covered in the program?

I'm at a very early stage with my entire project. I have no customer base, no content, no brand. Do I need to be further along before looking into this kind of course?

I feel like I've invested a fair amount of money in training and tools and believe that I have a good handle on what needs to be done but I’m not getting anywhere. Why will your course be any different?

I feel like the biggest pain point that I have in my business right now is finding good people to build relationships with that will result in mutually beneficial collaboration. Is that something I’ll receive?

There is no better time than NOW to choose freedom
- I look forward to meeting you on the inside!

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