The Freedom Plan Accelerator

The 9 week accelerator to redesign your business so you can work less, earn more, and be free using my proven 3 Stage Freedom Framework.


Natalie Sisson as featured on:

I meet so many people who feel frustrated and trapped with their current lot in life. It feels like it's impossible to actually make enough money to live a life of fun and happiness while still feeling like you're accomplished and are really making things happen.

And I've been there. I've hustled so hard to build and run my own business and felt simultaneously consumed with work and that I still wasn't working enough.

In the first three years I put everything I had into my business, but I felt in no way that it was successful or that I was happy or living the balanced life I so desired.  

Look, if you don't feel any of this, then what I'm saying won't resonate. And I am SO happy that you are living an incredible life! 

But if you are in the same place that I was, working way too many hours for too little money, feeling trapped and unhappy in your business, the one that you felt was going to give you the purpose, freedom and flexibility you craved, then I want you to STOP living like this.

Because you don't have to. You ARE incredible, intelligent, and talented in your own unique way, and you deserve to have a profitable online business that gives you meaning and lets you live a life that you simply adore. 

Introducing the Freedom Plan Accelerator

This 9 week Accelerator is built upon the 3 key pillars of my Freedom Framework: Mindset Freedom, Business Freedom and Lifestyle Freedom starting on October 8th, 2018.

It's designed to take you from being a busy, overwhelmed entrepreneur to a Bonafide Freedomist with purpose, profits and a Freedom Plan!

Each phase contains individual training modules where I will personally walk you through all of the steps to achieve more time, money and freedom.

The bottom line is that we're going to cover a lot of ground over these 9 weeks and you're going to come out the other end with a redesigned way of working and fresh take on how to live your best life. One that aligns with your values, your entrepreneurial personality and strengths, and your desires.

Here's what we will cover over the 3 Stage Freedom Framework


Module 1
Mastering the Freedom Mindset

Objective: How to envision your perfect life and become the person you need to enjoy your new reality, by changing your beliefs and disrupting your patterns to live your perfect life.

Skills you’ll learn:

How to transform your mindset to one that lets you be and achieve what you really want.

Sisson SMILE formula and how this will get you reimagining your future self.

Perfect Day visualization exercise and how to use it to get powerful results in your everyday life.

Top strategies to cultivate a freedom mindset and myth-busters to set you straight!

Module 2 
Turn Your Dreams into Reality with Life Pilot.

Objective: You’ll be introduced to Life Pilot - a system for turning your dreams into reality one day at a time, starting by getting really clear on your goals intentions and translating those into daily actions.

Skills you’ll learn:

Feel more in control of your life, less overwhelmed and more focused.

Know how to plan your day, week and month for maximum productivity.

Have your one month goals set to make that vision totally doable.

Use the Life Pilot Rhythms and weekly checkins to get you in flow to prioritize what's important.

Used the Life Pilot tool to work on your 3 most important things and get more of the right things done.

Module 3
Visualize and Achieve Your 3 Year Vision with Life Canvas

Objective: You’ll be introduced to the Life Canvas visualization tool to focus on your longer term goals and then how to filter those through the Life Pilot system to turn your dreams into daily actions

Skills you’ll learn:

The power of visualization and translating dreams into tangible actions.

Why getting crystal clear on what you want makes it that much more likely to become a reality.

How to create your 3 year vision in the Life Canvas template.

How to set annual goals to make your 3 year vision a reality using the Life Pilot tool.

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  • 9 Amazing Modules including Video Lessons, Audios, Transcripts and Templates (value $1,000)
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  • Learning and Implementation Calendar to make the most of the 9 Weeks (value $25)
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    Weekly email prompts and support on your Freedom Plan journey (value $100)
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Here's What Alumni Members Have to Say

Hear from just a handful of my Freedom Plan alumni members, who’ve been with me on this journey since 2014, testing their limits, applying my systems, processes and strategies to their own situation, and seeing real, tangible results and changes in their lives and businesses.

"I started my online business because I wanted to spend part of my time in Canada and in Australia - in between all of that I've managed live in over 20 countries around the world!"

"Since I've done the Freedom Plan I've written a book and I travel around the world getting paid to speak - and that all came from my 1 Page Business Plan in the Freedom Plan!"

"From the time I signed up for The Freedom Plan, it took me exactly three months to go from having no business, no website, no clients, not even a business idea to signing my first client in my perfect niche.


This program was life changing for me."

​It contained practical, step-by-step assignments that had me first exploring myself and who I really wanted to be, rather than who I thought I wanted to be and then practical exercises that helped me move towards the right path for my life. My plan went from lofty ambition to a solid foundation.  

I went from what I thought would make me money to where my dreams and passions really were. Thanks to this program and Natalie’s kind, generous and wise guidance I was able to  set off forging my own path to freedom.


Amanda Workman, Texas, United States


“The Freedom Plan provided me with a mechanism to find a way out of working 60-70 hours".

I had been in a rut for many years, with a huge amount of travel and no joy and squeezing friends and family into what’s left.

Since taking the program I’ve had the confidence to go for it, to follow and commit to my passion to build a life I don’t need a vacation from.

The Freedom Plan helped me get a laser focus on who my perfect client is (and isn’t) and how to develop personal mechanisms to give my clients the best service alongside having an awesome life.

This is not just a one hit wonder program, this is a life changing program with ongoing access, support and inspiration.“


Anna Scothern

Empowering Business Leaders,, England


Before I joined the Freedom Plan I felt very overwhelmed."

I wasn't really sure who my ideal customers were or where my business was going. I wasn't really looking for anything as I didn't even know what to look for, but I certainly needed help.

Joining the Freedom Plan has been one of the best decisions I made which lead me to have more clarity in my business, going from barely any clients to being booked in advance, and many doors have opened ever since that would have never been possible. 


Kasia Zukowska

WordPress Consultant & Web Designer,, United States